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Getting Through What You Can't Get Over

417506ONxWL._SY346_.jpg (227×346)Title: Getting Through What You Can't Get Over

Author: Anita Agers-Brooks

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press, 2015

Pages: 235

Genre: self-help, nonfiction, Christian

Obtained: from author in exchange for an honest review

Summary: The author uses personal stories of real people as examples of events that someone may never get over, tells about the person's experience and how it affected his or her life, and describes how that person has coped and healed to get through it.  She then gives the reader practical ideas and examples of things to do to move forward in similar situations.  Lastly, she provides inspiration and comfort by providing the reader with bible verses and reminders of God's words.

Thoughts: I really liked this self-help book.  It was organized and an easy read.  I like that the cover tells the reader exactly what is in the book - "stories, tips, and inspiration to help you move past your pain into lasting freedom".  The author starts every chapter (except the last, which is a wrap up) by providing a story of someone that has gone through something that they will never get over.  This helps the reader to see that he or she is not alone.  The author then describes how the event has affected that person's life, and tells how he or she is getting through it.  This alone is good bibliotherapy.  Some of the topics the author focuses on are death of a child, financial problems, marital affairs, not knowing who your biological parents are, family feuds, medical issues, and homelessness.  The author keeps the reader's attention by telling interesting stories.

The author then gives some practical advice, geared toward the particular trauma in that chapter, on things to do to help with healing and getting through rough times- songs to listen to, bible verses to read, and exercises to promote feeling better.  This book does not overwhelm the reader with information and self-help ideas.  The author provides the reader with simple, doable ideas that are not complicated- exercises that someone going through a traumatic experience could actually do.  Spiritual inspiration and a prayer are presented at the end of each chapter.

Sometimes self- help books are too involved and try to get the reader to do things that are just too much to do alone, without professional guidance.  This is a book that is not too much. Also, sometimes with self help books, the author makes it sound like his or her self- help book is an easy fix.  This author does not.  There are no promises that anything in the book is going to work. There are just ideas to try and inspirational messages that might comfort.

The only problem I had with this book was that the reader could very easily think they have a mental illness after reading it.  The author describes symptoms, particularly of post traumatic stress disorder, and I don't think it is made clear enough that someone can have symptoms of PTSD, but not necessarily have the disorder.  The author does state that she is not a licensed professional counselor, but she does use the term PTSD freely throughout the book.  Many people have symptoms of PTSD and my concern is that after reading the book readers may think they have it.

If you have been through a trauma, and are looking for inspiration and practical self-help ideas this book is a great choice.


Company: Pickity Place

Tea: Pickity Blend Tea

Obtained: gift

I just love Pickity Place in Mason, New Hampshire.  If you delight in herbs, this is a wonderful place to explore.  There are beautiful herb gardens, herb gift shops, and a delicious herbal luncheon.  Please note that reservations are mandatory for the luncheon.  One of the highlights are their beverages, which are their own creations.  Some of these mixes can be purchased right online.

The tea I tasted today, Pickity Blend Tea, was in a resealable, see-through bag.  The bag was easy to open and close.  The ingredients were listed on the bag: licorice root, anise, poppy seeds, fennel, lemon peel, cloves, and ginger root.  When I opened the bag, not surprisingly, there was a very strong licorice scent.  The tea was made up of light brown to medium brown chunks, seeds, and small green leaf pieces.  It was a rocky looking tea.  I put 2 teaspoons of the tea into my teapot and poured 12 ounces of water that had been boiled over the tea.  I let this brew for 5 minutes.  The light yellow liquid had a somewhat oily texture and the scent was a fusion of licorice, anise, and fennel.  The taste was peppery with a somewhat sweet aftertaste.  I thought this would be a very strong licorice flavored tea, but the flavors combined to make a unique taste.  Unfortunately, Pickity Place's teas are not available online, but it is worth a trip there if herbs are enjoyable to you.

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