Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Silent Wife

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Format: 7 CD's

Publisher: Blackstone Audio

Genre: psychological thriller

Obtained: library

Summary:  Jodi and Todd have been in a relationship for twenty years.  Although the relationship is far from perfect, they have fallen into a routine that they are both happy with.  As the relationship starts to unravel, the reader is told that the end result will be that Jodi will become a murderer and Todd will be the victim.   What happens to lead to this?

Thoughts: This was a very clever book.  The story was presented in a unique way.  The reader learns the ending of the story right at the beginning.  So, the reader does not read the book to see how it ends, but to see why it ended the way it did.  Also, there was not much action in this story.  The story takes place in the minds of two people.  The reader gets to know both main characters intimately through their daily routines, what they are thinking, and how they justify all their actions.
     Both characters are psychologically analyzed throughout the book.  Todd is analyzed by Jodi, who is an Adlerian therapist.  Jodi keeps recalling her therapy sessions from when she was studying psychology in college.  So, we also learn how their pasts affect who they are and what they do.
     The story had twists and turns with other interesting characters on the outskirts.  There was some suspense there.  I didn't want to stop listening because I wanted to know what would happen next.
     When I first started to listen to this book, I thought the narrator's voice was annoying because it sounded snotty, but as I got into the book I found this was the perfect voice for Jodi and it was actually great acting.  The book went back and forth between the voice of Jodi (Karen White) and Todd (Donald Corren).  Both narrators did an excellent job at portraying their characters and reading at a good pace.
     I was sad to find out that the author passed away shortly after this book was published.  I would have loved to read more psychological thrillers written by her.
     This book would make a great one for a book club discussion.


Company: Joy's Teaspoon

Tea: Almond Cookie

Obtained: purchased

     I purchased this Almond Cookie Tea online from Joy's Teaspoon.  The sample tin can be seen in the picture above.  It is good quality and easy to open.  The tea looked more like chunks of fruit and nuts rather than leaves and smelled of oatmeal cookies.  The chunks were all shapes and sizes and the colors were of oranges, browns, and very dark red.
     I added 2 teaspoons of this tea to to my teapot and poured 8 ounces of water that had been boiled over the tea.  I let it steep for 10 minutes as recommended.  The liquid was a beautiful bright pink color, which reminded me of watermelon.  The scent was of oatmeal cookies.  The taste was the same, but with a sweet almond after taste.  This tea was blended so well, that I could not pick out any individual flavors except the almond.  The ingredients were listed on the website as apple pieces, planed and crushed almonds, cinnamon pieces, beet root pieces, and flavoring.
     This was a bizarre tea.  The color did not go with the taste at all.  The color was beautiful and bright, but all I could picture was an oatmeal cookie!  I didn't feel like I had a cup of tea.  I felt like I had a liquid dessert.
     This would make a great dessert tea, especially for those trying to skip dessert and wanting something sweet as a replacement.

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