Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Eye of Nefertiti

5132SfmBaML._SY346_.jpg (230×346)Title: The Eye of Nefertiti

Author: Maria Luisa Lang

Publisher: Maria Luisa Lang, 2016 (self-published)

Pages: 203

Genre: fantasy

Obtained: from author in exchange for an honest review

Summary: Wrappa-Hamen, a time-traveling cat from ancient Egypt who has been given the abilities to talk and walk upright like humans, continues his adventures.  This cat first began to relay his adventures and how he got his gifts in The Pharoah's Cat.  In this new book, Wrappa-Hamen must help Nefertiti to end her immortality.

Thoughts: This is a fun book for those looking for a light, humorous read.  The writing style is simple and straight forward.  The story is told at a great pace.  It is very easy to follow even though there is time travel and the settings are frequently changing.  The reader is able to picture the settings because of the great descriptions.  Even though this is not a deep book, family and love are themes throughout the story.
     Wrappa-Hamen, the narrator, is a fantastic character.  He is charming and funny, and through her writing, the author never lets the reader forget that Wrappa-Hamen is a cat. The other characters don't compare to Wrappa-Hamen, but they are still developed and likeable.
     The reader weaves ancient Egypt and Nefertiti throughout this story.  I kept thinking it would be great if the author did a short nonfiction book to go along with her fiction story - kind of like in the Magic Tree House series, but for adults.  I wanted to know more about these topics as I read, especially about Nefertiti.       This would be a terrific book for any cat lover, or anyone that would like to follow the grand, humorous adventures of an Egyptian cat that frequently gets himself into trouble.  Even though the book is the second written about Wrappa- Hamen, the author gives enough back information so that the book can be read alone.



Company: Eastern Shore Tea Company                                           

Tea: Vanilla 

Obtained: gift


     When I looked at the website for Eastern Shore Tea Company, I was pleasantly surprised to discover they have many different tea flavors that I'd like to try.  The company puts their tea in reusable muslin tea bags which are made of oxygen whitened non-bleached paper.  The tea bags are all individually wrapped in foil, keeping them fresh.  The tea bags do not have tags, string, or staples.  They are eco-friendly and can be microwaved.  All their teas are pesticide and gluten free.  Their decaffeinated teas are done so naturally.
     My vanilla tea came in a "ribbon bag".  The bag was pretty (as seen in the picture above) and of good quality.  I thought it was a beautiful gift.  Inside were 20 individually wrapped tea bags.  The foil wraps were good quality and also very pretty.  The scent of the tea bag was of black tea and sweet vanilla.  I put the tea bag in my cup and poured 8 ounces of water that had been boiled over the tea.  I let this steep for 5 minutes.  The liquid was a dark reddish brown.  The scent of the liquid was of sweet vanilla and black tea.  The taste was of bold, strong black tea and sweet vanilla.  The feel was smooth.  There was no astringency to this tea.
     I thought this was a delicious blend.  It would make a wonderful dessert tea or a sweet, calorie- free treat anytime.

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