Friday, January 27, 2017

Choices and Illusions

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Author: Eldon Taylor

Narrator: Mikaal Waters

Publisher: Hay House Audio, 2016

Format: 7 compact discs

Genre: nonfiction, self-help

Obtained: from publicist in exchange for an honest review

Summary: Through stories, quotations, studies, testimonials, and personal experience, the author shows how our unconscious false beliefs can prevent us from becoming who we are meant to be.  He then goes on to show us what we can do to change our unconscious false beliefs to become our true selves.

Thoughts:  Wow! Information overload!  That is how I felt when I finished listening to this audio book. I was given just so much information that there is just no way I could remember it all.  I have a BS in psychology and MS in rehabilitation counseling.  None of the ideas presented here were new to me, and I still felt like this.  I wonder how someone without any prior knowledge in these areas would feel reading this book.  I would think, overwhelmed.  On the other hand, the author attempts to get his ideas across in many different ways, giving more than one example for each point he is trying to make.  If you are to read or listen to this book, at least one way of understanding what he is trying to get at will probably get through.  If you understand each example, it reinforces his point and helps you to remember it.  Also, he does repeat what he feels are the key statements which helps you to recall the most important points.  The fictitious stories the author told to demonstrate his points also stayed with me.  So, even though I couldn't remember everything, the main ideas did stick.  To me, this is a book to read a little at a time and let sink in, maybe rereading parts important to you.
     The author provides evidence backing up his ideas throughout the book.  I liked this because readers serious about implementing the techniques described, or about the author's programs, can look up the actual studies. They can see how many test subjects there were, if there was a control group, the procedure of the experiment, if the results were statistically significant, etc..  The author cited MANY studies in different settings, countries, and with different populations.  The research noted was from over a number of years.  The author provides the names of books where more information can be found on different subjects.  Toward the end of the book the author has testimonials about his program "Inner Talk" with an appendix containing more.  I was very glad that most of the testimonials were in an appendix because the book started to feel like a sales pitch for his compact discs.
     The narrator had a pleasant voice and held my attention with his lively reading.  He read at a good pace,  pausing appropriately.  However the tracks were very long.  If I wanted something repeated or wanted to switch compact disc players in the middle of a track, it was annoying.
     This book contained many ideas that have been around for a long time and that are known to increase quality of life.  The author brings them together looking at the whole mind (conscious and unconscious).  He also discusses both the spiritual and scientific aspects of the brain and mind.  I found this book to be inspirational, interesting, and well-organized.  I will listen to this book again to digest it, and I will reflect on these ideas.  Personally, I have found doing "good deeds" and meditating rewarding.  Maybe I will try some of the other suggestions the author has made.  After completing the book, even though I had that overwhelmed feeling, I still wanted to know more!
     This is an in depth self help book.  It focuses on mostly why you should follow the author's suggestions rather than how.  However, the author does give enough information on how to start on this path and where to get more information to continue.  The goal of the book is to help to increase quality of life by changing unconscious false beliefs.  To see huge results, this is a major journey and commitment.


Company: Yezi Tea

Tea: Bi Luo Chun

Obtained: purchased

     Yezi Tea sells delicious, high quality tea grown in China.  This company is one of the best finds I have made while doing this blog.  The company allows you to try six samples for only $5.99, and you can choose 3 free samples with every order!  This is a great way to explore their teas so you can order your favorites.  Their teas have no additives.  They are simply tea and taste like tea.  I have not yet tried a sample from them that I did not like. Their tea is always very fresh and of excellent quality.
     Bi Luo Chun is a green tea.  This sample was from the Farmer's Favorites Tea Sampler.  The long black and  grey leaves had a grassy or hay like scent.  I poured 10 ounces of water that had been boiled over 5 teaspoons of leaves.  I let this steep for one minute.  The liquid was a very light greenish yellow that had the same hay like scent as the leaves.  There was much more to the taste.  It was a blend of grassy, hay, and woodsy flavors with a very slight astringent aftertaste.  It was a very flavorful, refreshing green tea.

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