Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Good Neighbor

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Title: The Good Neighbor

Author: A. J. Banner

Published: 2015 by Lake Union Publishing

Pages: 196

Genre: suspense, mystery

Obtained Through: library

Summary:  Sarah McDonald lives in a house in a cul-de-sac with her husband of three years.  When there is a fire in the neighbor's house, possibly arson, questions start to arise which bring out neighborhood secrets causing Sarah not to know who she can trust.

Thoughts:  This book is a simple story that is a quick read.  It is an entertaining page turner.  Although the story itself is mediocre, the way it is written with twists and turns and lots of unanswered questions, made me continue to want to know what happened next, so I didn't put the book down.  The author really keeps the story moving and I finished it in a couple of days without much time to read.
     I like the author's writing style.  She writes clearly and concisely.  She has good descriptions of the characters and settings.  The downside is that there is just nothing really special about the characters or the setting.  Nothing stands out.  Also, the characters seem shallow and superficial.
     This is the type of book where you're entertained while you're reading it, but you don't really remember it after a couple of days.
     If you're looking for a book to entertain you while you're at the beach, jury duty, or on an airplane, this would be a good choice.  If you are looking for a book with depth and developed characters, look somewhere else.


Tea: Darjeeling Quince

Company: Tea Forte

Obtained: gift

   According to their website, Tea Forte is "presented at leading hotels, restaurants, prestige resorts and luxury retailers" in "over 35 countries".
     I received my tea in a gift box called "Lotus", which is described on the box as "a collection of relaxing teas for mind, body, and spirit".  There are five different teas in "single steep" packages.  This loose tea is premeasured to steep twelve ounces. 
     I easily opened the package of Darjeeling Quince tea.  It immediately gave off a strong fruity scent.  The leaves were black and mostly long and flat.  There were pieces of dried fruit mixed in.  The fruit was bigger than the tea leaves.  Some pieces were orange and white and others were a purplish red color.
     I put the leaves in a teapot and poured 12 ounces of water that had been boiled over the leaves.  On the box, it suggested the tea steep for 3-5 minutes.  I steeped mine for 3 minutes.
     The liquid was a deep orange.  There was a fruity smell after brewing, but not as when I opened the package.
     When tasting the tea, it had a brisk fruity start with an astringent, dry after taste.  The astringent after taste lingered.
     I didn't quite care for this tea, especially the after taste, but I drank it anyway.  

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